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Mar. 8th, 2018 08:30 am
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You know the stories where the boy and his dragon must defeat a growing evil and save their village?

     ...Yeah, this is nothing like that.

Jevics a’Sekilus – Jess – was a spur without many grand ambitions in life. A deckhand on a small interstellar cargo freighter, he was content to just do his job, and get paid, with no great responsibilities demanding his attention. His greatest pleasure in life was to explore the tourist nightlife at each world they came to, setting down no roots, making no lasting connections outside his shipmates.

That was until he – quite literally – collided with Speckle. Because the little white dragon is… well… actually, nobody’s entirely sure? Small, flightless, voiceless (and helpless?), Speckle just wants to find her way home... except she's still dazed from a very recent trauma, and horribly lost, in a world that doesn't speak her language, being chased by shadowy figures working for a powerful master who seem determined to stop her getting there.

Speckle is more powerful than she realises. But until she can find her confidence, and unlock the strength hidden inside her, she’s going to need help. Let’s just hope Jess has what it takes when he’s sucked into circumstances far larger than he’d ever dreamed of before.


22nd April 2018 - I'm 99% finished putting my plot together. I can start writing, soon!

I've been resisting the urge to start writing until that was finished, to avoid my usual problem of starting to write and then realising I... only have a vague idea of where the plot will be going. Granted, it's worked for me in the past - "Screaming Blue Murder" only really happened because I wrote it as I went along - but I've not-finished far more than I've finished because of it.

18th August 2018 - I started work on the actual writing of this thing a couple of months ago, but it's hard to find time and energy to write when you spend all your day doing it (just writing of a different sort). I do have a kind of chapter written, however! I'm uploading it partly as sort of a teaser, to gauge interest? And partly to say "hey look I am in fact writing this thing". I may post updates of wordcounts and milestones, but I won't post any more actual story until I'm done writing it (although I may share with friends, if asked? I don't know. XD I'm mostly screaming into the void, so.)

I'm thinking of asking for beta readers for this one, although I've never had "official" betas in the past - just writing friends who've been kind enough to let me spam them with terrible fiction without complaining to me. If anyone wants to volunteer, I'll let you know when I'm ready.

This is veeerrry loosely inspired by a piece of fanfiction by Sl'askia (someone I used to write with back in the early noughties, but who I've mostly lost contact with as our respective fandoms have changed) - although the only similarity really is the "unexpectedly: dragon" part.

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Chapter One

Aug. 18th, 2018 12:22 am
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Title (chapter): Runs from Silence (01)
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Jess and Teeja are late getting "home" to their ship, and get waylaid by something in a cage. Jess isn't sure if it wants help, or just to eat them... but he feels obilged to let it out anyway. Teeja is outraged!

All right, this is the only chapter I PLAN (keyword: plan) on posting until I get the first draft finished. Mostly because I don't know if I ever WILL finish it, because my writing productivity is very low these days. (Lots of demands on my time, less energy to spend on them all, I suppose?)

Anyway! Welcome. The tiny germ of inspiration for this came from another author's story, but I can't talk a lot about it without giving away the kernel of the plot (the reveal of which doesn't occur until about halfway through).

''Jess! Will you stop dawdling? You’re gonna make us late – AGAIN.'' Although technically, they were ALREADY late. It was the only reason they’d risked the ire of harbour police by sneaking through a hole in the fence, instead of make the long slog through security. )


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